Who is behind Keeping America Strong

Ed Meese III – Honorary Chairman

James L. Martin – Chairman

Lewis K. Uhler – President

William Haygood Shaker – Executive Vice President

Pat Boone –  Spokesman

Stephen Moore – Advisor

Tom Datwyler – Treasurer

Cleta Mitchell – Legal Advisor



KAS will ask Patriots across America – Republicans and Independents to join the KAS team.  We will reach out (Email, Text Messaging Direct Mail).

KAS supports candidates that take the elected officials pledge  running for: the US Senate, the House of Representatives, local and state-wide candidates.

KAS supports candidates running against RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in primary elections.

KAS opposes Democrat legislation in the Congress that would diminish the Freedom and Liberty of American Citizens.

KAS supports Federal, State, and local legislation that protects voter integrity.

As long as we allow Democrats to make the rules for elections and count the votes, Republicans will not win another election ever.

As we can see by their behavior, Democrats compete in politics as in warfare – anything goes to win.  Their goal is to be totally dominating and dictatorial, and eliminate all opposition, including labeling their opposition as the enemy to be destroyed – just as the Nazis did.

Republican-Conservatives must become Patriots and start combating Democrat-Socialist dictatorial behaviors!

The idea that Democrats and Republicans want the same thing is false.  Republican-Conservative Patriots want to create value and competition while Democrat-Socialists want power and monopoly.

Our Republic was founded by Judeo-Christian Patriots who were competitively elected by citizens with election laws enacted by each State.  Shall this process be continued to deliver prosperity or shall Democrat initiated new behaviors, as they employed in the 2020 Election, be allowed to dominate election outcomes?

The Elected Officials Pledge

 For competitive elections to represent more accurately the will of all voting citizens, the following actions, not talk, are necessary:

(1)  to vote, any citizen shall have a state-issued photo ID voting card.

(2)  votes shall be only in-person or by absentee ballot;  mail-in voting shall not be allowed; only mail-in absentee ballots shall be accepted.

(3)  all votes, in-person or absentee only, shall be hand-counted by representatives of each political party.  Machine counting of ballots shall not be allowed, because of easy fraud, nor shall votes be counted by bureaucracies dominated by one political party.

To institute these election law changes, Republicans must fight relentlessly for their approval by amendments to every piece of legislation proposed by Democrats.  Democrat defeat of these amendments would prove Democrat intent to control elections.  Republicans need to keep introducing these amendments.